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The Restaurant Teheran, founded in 1996, is without a doubt one of the best and most famous Persian restaurants in Germany. You can enjoy the fine art of Persian cuisine in a 200 year old building, which is listed as a historic monument. Furthermore, we are glad to not only welcome our local guests but also our many loyal international guests who appreciate Teherans continuous quality of food and service. You can also enjoy your meal in our garden.

Delicious & Authentic Meals

Enjoy Persian cuisine, that will captivate your senses and will take you on a culinary journey that will make you feel like you are in the heart of Tehran. You can choose between a variety of vegeterian as well as meat dishes enriched with Persian spices like saffron and sumach. If you are not yet familiar with Persian Cuisine our staff will gladly help you choose the right dish for you.

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Chai & Doogh
Coffee & Beer

You can enjoy your meal either with nonalcoholic beverages like a Doogh (a Persian yoghurt based drink), a Coke or different juices; but we also serve several alcoholic beverages like traditional German beer, wine and classic longdrinks like Gin & Tonic or Tequila. Afterwards you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee, cappuccino or a fresh mint tea. With a chai, a black tea commonly drunk after meals, you can finish your culinary experience in a traditional Persian way.

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In the Restaurant Teheran you have the chance to eat Paloodeh. This traditional Persian dessert is served with rose water or lime juice and its recipe is over 1500 years old. Besides that we offer traditional Persian ice cream as well as Persian Baklava. In combination with a hot beverage you can experience another facet of the Persian cuisine that will perfectly round off your hopefully pleasant visit.

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We are looking forward to your visit! Reservations are recommended.

  • Chelo Kabab Chendjeh

    Strip of marinated lamb fillet grilled with bell pepper and onion and tomato Bar-B-Q served with Basmati Saffron rice

  • Kabab Bakhtiari

    Skewered mixture of pieces marinated of lamb fillet and young hen breast grilled with tomato Bar-B-Q served with Basmati Saffron rice

  • Chelo Kabab Barg

    One large skewered our finest cut of lamb fillet, marinated and grilled served with tomato Bar-B-Q with Basmati Saffron rice

  • Chelo Kabab Soltani

    One large skewered our finest cut of marinated lamb fillet and one skewered marinated ground lamb grilled with tomato Bar-B-Q served with Basmati Saffron rice

  • Chicken Kabab (boneless)

    Tender pieces of marinated and grilled chicken served with season salad and Basmati Saffron rice


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